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The Inquisitive in search of the Inconceivable


The Mind
Make way, nosy person coming through.

Have a wide spectrum of interests. Known to express strong opinions making them sound like truths.

Am gay male, not-exactly-single but playing around. Color is black on the left.


  • If you can read it, you may read it.
  • If you have read it, you may comment on it.
  • If I find you reading or commenting me, I will read you. And your friends-list. And your friends' friends-lists. Even if I have not added you.
I rarely, if ever, make "friends-only" posts. The few locked entries there are are either entirely private or filtered to extremely narrow custom groups. What you see is what you get.

If you choose to include me in your friends-list, and you have filters, please include me in everything you feel comfortable sharing with me. I'm interested in the whole person.

The list of interests that I give here is small and narrow. If I listed anything and everything that interests me, I'd really have to list everything. Except sports.

My home and base of operations is in central Finland.